Members & Partners

RISE’s Members (also project partners):
Bawinu Foundation (BF – Chin)
Eastern Naga Development Organisation (ENDO – Naga)
Karen Teacher Working Group (KTWG – Karen)
Lahu Development Network (LDN- Lahu)
Centre for Rural Education & Development ( CRED – Shan)
Shannan Education Network Group (SENG – Kachin)
Ta’ang Student and Youth Union (TSYU – Ta’ang)
Zomi Development Foundation (ZDF – Zomi)                                          Supporting Essential Education(SEE – Kayan)                                      Community Develop Network (CDN – Pa-Oh)
Seh Theh Education Development Foundation (STEDF – Karenni)
*** RISE members are responsible for the overall governance of RISE and elect representatives to form the RISE Board.  RISE Members are entitled to pursue partnerships in RISE program activities.

RISE’s Partners are:
Karen Women’s Organization (KWO – Karen)
SJN-CBE Education Initiative (SJN-CBE – Kachin)
Disability Development Initiative (DDI – Chin)
Community Development Initiative (CDI – Zomi)
Karen Education and Culture Department (KECD – Karen)
Ta’ang Education Institute (TEI – Ta’ang)

We are grateful for the support from:
Adventist Development and Relief Agency(ADRA)
European Union
BKKee Foundation
DAK Foundation
European Commission
Myanmar Education Consortium
Planet Wheeler Foundation
World Education/USAid