EMIS/Data Consultancy Position with RISE

It is expected that the consultant will support the design of digitized data collection forms (in Burmese and Karen) to capture data on schools, villages, students and teachers within the RISE network. The data collection forms will be integrated with the current RISE network database so as to recall all information that has been collected so far and avoid
duplication of effort. They will also include validation checks to ensure completeness ofdata collection.
Secondly, the consultant will train the RISE network staff over a period of two weeks in designing data collection forms and updating the forms that already exist (so that further consultancy support isn’t required). The consultant will also use this time to help the staff get acquainted with the data dashboard and analyse the data as it comes in, in real time.
Finally, the consultant will provide support to the RISE network with data analysis and helpthem update their database based on the data collected between September – Novemberof 2019.

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