RISE Seeking Financial Consultant

RISE is pleased to share our ToR for a Financial Consultant, estimated at 100 days  (ToR_Financial_Consultant).  The Financial Consultant will provide support to RISE to ensure adequate Financial implementation and Management of Financial resources in line international best practices and adaptive to the unique environment in which RISE works.  As such, the Financial Consultant is required to:

Task 1:           Review and assess existing RISE Financial policies and procedures (Finance, Procurement, cost share and HR) including performing RISE financial risk assessment

Task 2:           Develop financial strategies by guiding RISE to establish goals; and matching goal with appropriate financial plans (financial reporting, record keeping, accounting standards, partner agreements, financial software, and more).

Task 3:          Develop and support implementation of capacity development for RISE staff on financial management.

Task 4:          Design and implement policy and regulations to improve RISE’s financial activities with relevance to budget spending.

Task 5:          Support and guide RISE staff in monitoring its budget, analyzing plan results and evaluating new financial strategies and recommending changes in goals and plans.

Task 6:          Develop strategies to strengthen RISE partners financial capacities.

Click the link below to view the Financial Consultant ToR.


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